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Welcome to Astor

Astor Bridge Marina

Astor is a wonderful place to visit; it is unspoiled and naturally beautiful, boasting amazing wildlife and gorgeous sunsets. The osprey is Astor’s mascot bird, and visitors frequently see these magnificent birds soaring overhead or gracefully swooping down to grab a fish from the water. Other wildlife can be seen as well throughout the year – sea otters, manatee, alligators, great blue heron, egrets, water turkeys, sting ray and so much more.

Relax and unwind on a leisurely boat ride down the river. Look up and watch the bald eagle’s majestic flight over the palm trees. Drift down winding creeks, past crystal springs and vibrant plantlife, and enjoy the view of alligators sunning themselves on the riverbank. Watch an amazing sunset over the St. Johns River.

The St. Johns River flows north from the swamps west of Vero Beach to Jacksonville. Traversing 310 miles, it is the longest river in Florida. This slow moving river used to be the heart of the region. Settlers came to Astor via steamboat in the 1800’s, most coming to Central Florida to homestead government property.

The St. Johns River offers some of the best fishing in the state. It is considered to be the fourth best site for catfish and third best for striped, sunshine and white bass.

Lake George, the second-largest lake in Florida, is located just five miles north of Astor. Lake George is classified as a freshwater lake, though it has a significant salt content, and a wide variety of saltwater fish and plants thrive in its waters. The source of the salt are massive underground deposits left from when the St. Johns River Basin and the land east were part of the Atlantic floor. Lake George tops the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission list of Top 10 Black Bass fishing areas. It is known for its incredible yields of trophy largemouth bass.

Astor is centrally located and a short driving distance to wonderful freshwater springs, the beaches of Daytona and the Orlando area, which is home to popular fun parks including Disney World, Seaworld and Universal Studios.



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